Carlson, Lonnie K., YN1-YNC(SW), 07/87 to 07/90

I joined the USNR as a 2 x 6 in 05/1980 and commenced boot camp at Great Lakes, IL where I also completed Seaman Apprentice Training, served onboard the USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN-69) during period 09/1980 to 07/1982 making cruises to the Indian Ocean, Caribbean, North Atlantic and Mediterranean. I was released from active duty and become a member of the Selected Reserve as a YN3 and was advanced to YN2 in 07/1982. I then served in the NR FF-1062 USS WHIPPLE unit completing active duty training aboard an FF in Pearl Harbor, HI and onboard the USS LANG (FF-1060) homeported at Long Beach, CA. In 05/1984 I voluntarily recalled to active duty as a YN2 and was assigned to USS LANG (FF-1060) homeported in Long Beach, CA from 05/1984 to 06/1985 making a deployments to the Eastern Pacific and a Reserve training mission to Pearl Harbor. Next I was assigned to Naval Reserve Center, Seattle, WA from 06/1985 to 07/1987 where I made YN1. During the period 07/1987 to 07/1990, I served in the USS PLEDGE (MSO-492) homeported in Seattle, WA where I earned the Surface Warfare designation, and made YNC, Chief Petty Officer. During my tour onboard PLEDGE I participated in 2-Portland Rose Festivals, a trip through the inland passage to Alaskaís 4th of July Celebration in Juneau, AK, and I also made a trip to San Diego for REFTRA. During my tour in PLEDGE I was also TAD to the USS CONQUEST (MSO 488) forward deployed to the Persian Gulf during the periods 01/1987 to 05/1987 and 01/1988 to 05/1988 and our involvement in Farsi Island on my first deployment to the Persian Gulf earned us Minesweep Sailors which included a large number of PLEDGE sailors who were also involved in the deployments the Combat Action Ribbon. Following my tour in USS PLEDGE (MSO-492), I was assigned to Naval Reserve Readiness Command Region Twenty-Two, Seattle, WA from 07/1990 to 07/1992; Naval Reserve Center Seattle, WA from 07/1992 to 07/1995; Patrol Squadron NINE-ONE (VP-91) at Moffett Field, CA where I made YNCS(SW) from 07/1995 to 07/1998; Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit SEVENTEEN at NAS Whidbey Island, WA from 07/1998 to 05/2000; and my last tour and duty station Naval Reserve Readiness Command Northwest at Naval Station Everett, WA (flag staff) from 05/2000 to 06/2003 where I served as the Command Services Department Head. I transferred to the Fleet Reserve effective 10/01/2003. Additionally, I completed a Masterís Degree in Social Work in 08/2004; I make my home in Seattle, WA with my wife Catherine of 22-years and 2-children. I now serve as a Social Worker for DSHS-Childrenís Administration where Iíve worked since 10/2003