My name is Roy Kennedy
and I went aboard the Pledge in November 1957 as a Sonarman Striker and eventually was promoted to Sonarman 2d Class Pettyofficer. The Pledge was moored along side Pier #9, Long Beach Naval Station, Terminal Island, CA. The Pledge was one of 5 sweeps assigned to MINRON 7. This consisted of the Acme, Esteem, Conquest and the Gallant. I believe in 1960 I was transfered to the Conquest. I remained aboard the Conquest until my discharge in August 1961. I remained in the US Navy inactive reserves until August 1963. In November 1974 I enlisted in the US Army Reservers and retired after Desert Storm in 1992 as a Chief Warrant Officer CWO3. Just by chance this screen popped up and just a chance that I might find out about some men that I served with aboard these proud ships.
Pledge jacket patchD