Rick Christie, Sr. (EM3)

Navy Efficency RibbonNational Defense Service Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary MedalNavy Sea Service Deployment Ribbon W/Three StarsNavy and Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon

This is a picture of Rick standing on MSO 17 wearing his dungarees in the year 1963.
The picture is Rick wearing his Dress Blue Navy Uniform in the year 2003

I joined the Navy on 8 November 1961. After boot camp I went to EM"A" school in San Diego. After graduating from EM"A" school I was stationed at Mine Division 33 in Sasebo, Japan in July 1962. I was first assigned to MSL 20. Soon after getting that boat I was transferred to MSL 17 where I finished out my tour. While on the 17 boat, the crew of 5 won the battle efficiency award for the fiscal year 1963. Even though I was the electrician I was proficient in sending and receiving messages with both semaphore and flashing light. I was the one the boat captain chose to take the signalman test for the battle efficiency award. MINDIV33 was on maneuvers on the USS Epping Forest (MCS-7) and we had just pulled out of an R&R in Hong Kong when I was told that the Pledge was coming along side in an hour or so and I was to get my gear together and jump from the Epping Forest onto the Pledge. That was pretty scary. I was transferred to the USS Pledge (MSO-492) in Dec. 1963. We did a few stops on the last leg of her West Pac tour before our 42 day ride back to Long Beach. Being out to sea was my favorite part of the Navy. It was so peaceful just steaming along, watching the ocean go by day after day or the excitment in those rough south China Seas. After arriving in Long Beach we did a few small good will tours to Mexico and one very cool trip that ended up in Lake Washington to watch the Hydro boat races. In Aug. 1965 I was transferred to the US Cape (MSI-2). I spent the remainder of my days on her. I was finally let out of this mans Navy on March 7 1966. You might be wondering why I had to spend that extra 4 months on the Navy. Well, as you might remember. In 1963 the Cuban Missile crisis was an issue and President Kennedy extended most all of the military for 4 months. At the time I have to admit that I wasnít all that happy about his decision but Iím no worse for wear.

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