Randy Whitman, Ltjg

Pictured is Randy Whitman (center)
with his Dad (WWII Navy vet) & Nephew
I came aboard the Pledge as a "green" Ensign in December, 1967, two days before Christmas, in Subic Bay, Philippines. I served under Captains Pittenger, Campbell, and Amend. I became the third in command after about a year aboard, and crossed the Pacific three times on the boat. I also had the pleasure of being aboard with the dreaded Freddy Frick, executive officer. I served my entire active duty on the Pledge, and left it in Long Beach in October, 1969, as a Ltjg. The Navy pissed me off on my departure by forcing me to trim some facial hair on my way OUT of the Navy, so I opted to do no active reserve duty. Since the Navy, I have lived in Miami, Florida. Some of the shipmates I have heard from over the years are Mike Bekins, Ron Topley, Doug Zeich, Joe Sperske, and Don (Drifty) Matheson.

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