James T. Christie, Sr.

Picture of Jim Christie, Sr
Dad became a Golf Professional, joining the PGA in 1940 at the age of 29. He was working as the assistant Golf Professional at Inglewood Golf & Country Club in Seattle, Wshington when the USA entered WWII. When America entered WWII dad was married and had 2 children, my older brother Jim, Jr. and older sister Susie. Being too old to enlist in any of the military services, dad got himself a job as a riviter on the night shift at the Bellingham Ship Yards in Seattle. He would work during the day at the golf course and then go home and eat dinner before going to the ship yards to do his part for the war effort. On his way home from the ship yards he would buy a quart of ice cream and when he got home mom would wake up Jim, Jr. and they would eat a bowl of ice cream together. Althuogh my father wasn't a sailor I wanted to include him in my history to show the dedication he showed towards the war effort. I feel that going to the shipyards and help build the ships that the sailors sailed into war was as an important a part in winning the war as the men that sailed onboard those steel ships.

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