James E. Carsten (QMQ3)
13 January 1948 - 1 January 1953

This picture of the Rupertus (DD-851) was taken in 1951 by the father of Dan Meinhard. Dan's father was attached to VS-23 as a pilot

USS Rupertus Ships jacket patch USS Rupertus Ships jacket patch USS Rupertus Ships jacket patch


Overseas Service RibbonKorean War Service 
Medal with One Battle StarUnited Nations Service Medal

JIm Carsten in Dress White Navy uniform
Jim is the son of my fathers sister making him my first cousin. Jim joined the Navy Reserves on 13 January 1948 while a Junior in High School. He was assigned to active duty on 31 October 1950. He left pier 91 in Seattle, Washington and arrived in San Diego on 12 November. The next day Jim boarded the USS Rupertus (DD-851) and sailed for Japan. After a short stay in Sasebo, Japan Rupertus escorted the USS Sicily (CVE-118) to Hungnam, Korea. From 14 May 1951 the Rupertus operated with blockade and escorted Task Force 95 off the West Coast of Korea and into the Yellow Sea. While sailing down the middle of the Yellow Sea they could not see Formosa on one side or China on the other. After arriving in the Yellow Sea Rupertus left Task Force 95 and steamed to Wonsan, Korea. Rupertus spent 10 days off the coast near Songju, Korea and fired round after round of ammunition at shore targets. Jim recalls that while on the Yellow Sea, the Rupertus was directing its fire towards a train bridge at the end of a tunnel along the shore. The Rupertus was able to hit the tunnel but missed the bridge. During the bombardment directed towards the bridge, there was a woman on the shore washing her clothes and never paid any attention to what was happening around her. The Rupertus saw continuous combat service until 4 July 1951 when she returned to Inchon, Korea during the armistice talks. After nine months the Rupertus returned to San Diego. While in San Diego Jim trained to direct shore bombardment to direct Navy gun fire at shore targets. In February 1952 Jim went back to Japan then was transferred to Astoria, Oregon to commission LSSL18 (Landing Ship Support Large) and sailed her back to Japan. After arriving in Japan Jim caught the troop ship, USS Mann, and sailed to San Francisco. He took a short leave to go home. Om 20 October 1952 (I year 11 months 10 days) and receiving the Japanese Occupation Service Medal, Korean Service medal w/one Battle Star, United Nations Service Medal and making QMQ3, Jim was released from active duty. Jim received an honorable discharge on 1 January 1953.
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